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Frequently asked questions

We hope that the information below will help provide some answers to the questions you may have.

1. What is Valente's Cucina?

Haddonfield has no shortage of quality Italian restaurants. We believe we can add a new dimension to the scene by partnering with a local winery and creating an intimate space that pairs our small plates up with those wines. Think of our concept as part Tria, part Barbuzzo, two establishments we absolutely adore.

2. How long do I cook my pasta?

The cook time of your pasta depends on the weight of it. Thinner pasta cooks in roughly three minutes. Add another minute or so for thicker pasta. Stuffed pasta may take six+ minutes to cook. If the pasta is frozen, add another one-to-two minutes to the cook time.

3. Do you offer gluten-free options?

Yes and no. While we make some pasta that does not contain gluten, we are not a certified gluten-free facility and cannot prevent the possibility of cross-contamination. If you have a serious gluten allergy or health issue, such as Celiac, we will not serve you to prevent health issues.

4. Why can't I order takeout from your dinner menu?

We offer takeout from our Lunch and Family Dinner menus during their hours of availability. Our dinner menu is designed to be eaten fresh. As a result, we do not want to sell you a product that will be compromised by the time you get it home to eat it.

5. Do you cater?

Yes! We offer a multitude of catering options that go well beyond the boundaries of Italian food. We love the opportunity to get creative and create custom catering menus for you, regardless of the cuisine! Just shoot us a message with info about your event and we’ll be in touch.

6. Do you offer full-service catering?

We have a very small team and cannot adequately staff both our shop and an off-premise event. However, we do partner with companies that offer server and bartending services and can refer you to them or subcontract them for you.

7. Do I need reservations?

We do not require reservations but our seating is very limited. So, it would not hurt to make a reservation. We take reservations through OpenTable.

8. Do you still do Farmers Markets?

At this point in time, the only market we attend regularly is the Farm to City Rittenhouse Market, which is on Saturdays. When possible, we will make guest appearances at Palmyra and Haddon Heights.

9. Do you still sell retail items?

At this point in time, we have very limited retail offerings. Our in-house retail products, such as fresh pasta, will be available at the Rittenhouse Market. When possible, we will sell some locally-sourced products used in our dinners, such as honeys used in our Boards.

10. Are you Valente's Italian Specialties?

We were. Sadly, we were never able to fully execute our vision in this tiny space. So, we are playing to our strengths and combined Valente’s Italian Specialties and Cilento Sandwich Co. into Valente’s Cucina.